In order for health and safety management systems and procedures to achieve their goal of reducing risk and ensuring legal compliance, it is vital that they are translated from paper into operation. Nobody wants to find out that their health and safety management system has failed while investigating an accident.

Carrying out an external audit of your health and safety management system and procedures is a proactive way of discovering how effective the implementation has been, providing you with a benchmark of how your organisation is complying with legislation, meeting national or corporate standards, or progressing towards best practice.

The audit can be standard or developed especially to reflect your requirements and can include reviewing management procedures and systems, auditing paperwork records, employee opinion surveys, condition inspections and behavioural or unsafe act auditing.

Following the audit, Clwyd Associates will provide you with a written report summarising both findings and prioritised recommendations, and will be happy to work with you to develop and implement a strategic programme to improve health and safety standards.

Case Studies

We have carried out audits for many different types of businesses including logsitics companies, businesses designing, manufacturing and installing powered machinery and organisations involved in retail.

One company we work with has arranged for us to carry out audits every two years - this gap analysis provides them with an measure of how much their health and safety standards are improving and also helps them to develop their continuous improvement objectives.