Task risk assessment

Task risk assessment helps employers identify where there are significant risks in the workplace, identify whether they are being adequately controlled (in terms of either the exisiting level of risk or compliance with legislation), and ascertain whether any further prioristised actions need to be taken to reduce risk.

Task risk assessments are completed in compliance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and provide an overview of the risks associated with an activity.

Clwyd Associates can provide support for employers either by carrying out the risk assessments after gathering information from relevant workers or by providing training and then ongoing coaching for in-house risk assessors.

Case Studies

Some of our customers are SMEs and cannot afford to employ someone directly to look after their health and safety systems.

We help them set and maintain health and safety standards by working with them to create task risk assessments for their activities involving significant risk.

We create risk assessment action trackers that list all of the actions arising from the risk assessments and delegating them to relevant employees within the business - setting each a priority and action completion target date so we can monitor progress.