Noise assessment

Using annually calibrated equipment and Institute of Acoustics certified competent assessors, Clwyd Associates can complete noise assessments complying with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

To achieve this we will:-

  • carry out a noise survey of the geographical area, to identify the areas/activities which are likely to have a significant level of noise exposure
  • monitor the noise exposure of workers who have significant risk of exposure, identifying the duration and level of exposure
  • use software to calculate the worst case exposure for workers over any working period
  • identify prioritised prevention and mitigation controls to reduce noise risks

Following the noise assessment, Clwyd Associates will provide you with a written report summarising both findings and prioritised recommendations, and will be happy to work with you to develop and implement an improvement programme.

Case Studies

Our work with Pinewood Structures has included completing noise surveys and assessments for the site.

During the first assessment in 2016, we were able to identify modifications to the building and to equipment that reduced the noise generated in one area.

Our regular follow-up assessments ensure that any changes on site meet the requirements of the relevant legislation, including briefing all the workers on the noise levels they are exposed to and the action they need to take to protect themselves.