Fire risk assessment

Clwyd Associates employs trained fire risk assessors, who have experience in carrying out fire risk assessments in a variety of premises including higher risk manufacturing environments (e.g. chemical, woodworking, engineering) and on lower risk sites (e.g. retail, offices).

Our fire risk assessments are based on the guidance published by the Home Office and PAS-79 Fire risk assessment - guidance and a recommended methodology.

Clwyd Associates will provide you with a written Fire Risk Assessment report which will include:-

  • plans of the buildings identifying the location of any fire detection and alarm system, fire extinguishers and fire exit routes
  • a list of the fire hazards identified on the premises
  • a record of the current fire prevention and mitigation controls
  • a summary of the prioritised recommendations

Case Studies

Clwyd Associates has carried out fire risk assessments on a variety of premises - from offices to wood working operations.

Our fire risk assessments have been reviewed and positively received by the Fire and Rescue Services from a variety of regions within GB (including Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire).

Our fire risk assessments not only include a written risk assessment but also drawings detailing the detection, alarm , fire fighting equipment and evacuation routes on site.