Competence assessment

Many organisations like to measure the understanding of learners at the end of health and safety training - with the aim of checking competence as well as assessing the effectiveness of the training.

Clwyd Associates can support this by:-

  • providing feedback on participants observed behaviours
  • developing knowledge assessments
  • creating scenario-based competence assessments where learners have to apply their knowledge to a realistic site situation e.g. completion of a permit-to-work

Clwyd Associates can mark the competence assessment either providing a score or feedback for each individual learner to act as a coaching mechanism.

Case Studies

When we carry out permit training, we encourage our customers to include competence assessment as part of it. This involves, not only a knowledge assessment test at the end of the training, but also tests participants' application of the training content.

They are asked to answer some questions about the risks associated with a permit scenario and then prepare a permit as if they were controlling the work.

We review the paperwork and give each individual (as well as their employer) feedback on how well they identified/controlled the risks and completed the permit form.