Ergonomic risk assessment

Clwyd Associates can complete a variety of assessments where the risk of musculoskeletal disorders has been identified.

For example, Clwyd Associates has completed:-

  • manual handling assessments - based on the HSE's MAC tool (Manual handling Assessment Charts), HSE's RAPP tool (Risk Assessments of Pushing and Pulling), the assessment from the Manual Handling Operations Regulations, the NIOSH lifting equation and the KIM (Key Indicator Method) for manual handling operations
  • assessments associated with Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULDs) risks - for example HSE's ART tool (Assessment of Repetitive Tasks), RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) and HSE's risk assessment for upper limb disorders worksheet

Case Studies

We recently completed a number of ergonomic assessments for an engine manufacturing site, including RULA and manual handling assessments.

Through the assessments we were able to identify practical changes to the layout of workstations and hand tool design that will reduce the risk of longterm health harm for the employees in the future.