HAZOP leadership and scribing

Clwyd Associates employs a number of competent HAZOP leaders and scribes.

When Clwyd Associates leads your HAZOPS we will:-

  • help to define the scope of the HAZOP along with the aims and objectives of the study
  • agree the skills of the team required to carry out an effective study
  • propose the sections for study and draft design intentions for the team to agree prior to the study meetings
  • check the HAZOP record produced by the scribe to ensure it is an accurate record

We can also provide scribes - the scribe can use your HAZOP recording software or we can provide our own record system based on Excel.

Case Studies

Whether we are leading or scribing HAZOPs, all our studies follow the guidance in IEC 61882:2016 Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP studies) - Application guide.

The time we invest in preparing for the study means that the time spent in the meetings is used far more effectively.

We have been involved in HAZOPs in a variety of industries including chemical, food and packaging.