Clwyd Associates has extensive experience in developing and providing effective training at all levels, including face-to-face, web-based, blended and distance learning.

We were one of the first organisations to develop a blended learning training package for IOSH Managing Safely - allowing us to use face-to-face training to cover practical skills like risk assessment and accident investigation, while allowing learners to cover the knowledge based topics (such as the law) at their own pace through distance learning.

Many of our clients use our paper-based distance learning training packages, allowing their employees to manage the pace of their learning. You may think this is old fashioned when e-learning is available, but with paper-based material, learners have access to reference documentation from their training even when the course is complete!

We can facilitate our own high quality training packages and include exercises related to your organisation, or develop and deliver bespoke training programmes to meet your specific needs.